It’s currently Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week, you may ask? Good question! In summary, it’s a celebration of the impact, talent, and creativity of our neurodivergent colleagues, co-workers, and friends!

Why is this important? It’s important to recognise and appreciate the various minds, personalities, and ideas of all members of society, creating a safe, secure environment for not only self-development, but creation and growth of fantastic new ideas, inventions, and plans. Many people go into their chosen field of study due to their passion for the subject and to make a difference. By embracing and encouraging people from all walks of life and with various differences, we are gathering and cultivating the very best minds – which in turn will have the greatest benefit on our society!

A notable mention goes to the Physics Mentoring Project at Cardiff University, which I have had the pleasure of working with as a mentor. I have been incredibly inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of the mentors and the diversity amongst us, which has led to engaging and fascinating plans being prepared for secondary school pupils. There was key discussion on how to make the sessions accessible to as many pupils as possible, taking into account any possible special needs, using a mixture of learning styles and techniques, and including a varying mix of engagement to maximise the comfort and interest of all students – to minimise any potential barriers or difficulties for anyone.

As we go into Neurodiversity Celebration Week, I believe it’s important to acknowledge that seeing and experiencing the world differently can be empowering, and should be supported and discussed openly to create a balanced, positive environment for all!