An exciting new A-level branch of mentoring has been added to Physics Mentoring for 2024!

What is Advanced Connections?

Advanced Connections is a year-long, free online tutoring and mentoring opportunity for Year 12 students studying Physics in Wales. This pilot project is being led by the award-winning Physics Mentoring Project in collaboration with Aberystwyth, Cardiff, and Swansea Universities.

Advanced Connections runs alongside students’ A-level studies. Students will receive academic tutorials that support the A-level curriculum, as well as mentoring sessions that provide information about applying, preparing for, and experiencing university.

This project is for students currently in Year 12 studying a Physics/Maths A-level, who are interested in studying physical sciences at university. We prioritise students who come from under-represented groups in higher education.

The Advanced Connections project aims to benefit A-level students by:

  • Supporting mentees to achieve the grades needed to study physics and physics related subjects at university.
  • Giving mentees the opportunity to be meet university students from different universities across Wales.
  • Providing support and information on how to apply for university and prepare for university life.

This pilot project has been kindly funded by Tony Hill, who supports Levelling Up: STEM in England.

How does it work?

Our Advanced Connections Mentors are trained university students studying a physical science at Aberystwyth, Cardiff, or Swansea University. We place two Mentors with each small group of Year 12 students to carry out regular tutorials and mentoring sessions across the year. Mentors deliver 60-minute online sessions across the year. There are three different types of session delivered:

  1. Physics Tutorials
    • One week before each tutorial, students will receive self-study materials to work through ahead of the session.
    • These materials might include a topic, problem, or activity to research or complete.
    • Students will then attend a one-hour tutorial with their Physics Mentors to work through the materials.
  2. Mentoring Sessions
    • These sessions will cover various aspects to help students apply and prepare for university.
    • Example sessions could include application processes, preparing to move to university, and university life.
  3. Combined Cohort Sessions
    • There will be some whole-cohort sessions (including all students taking part in mentoring) throughout the year on aspects such as personal statements, student finance, and preparing for interviews.

We are currently recruiting students from schools/colleges across Wales to take part in the pilot project!

Find out more about the project, how to apply, and eligibility criteria below: