The Physics Mentoring Project aims to increase the uptake of Physics A Levels in Wales and improve pupils’ attitudes towards science, currently funded by the Welsh Government and partner institutions.

In this project, we aim to:

School Pupils
  • Increase the number of pupils intending to study physics post-16
    • Specifically, increase the number of girls intending to study physics post-16
  • Highlight the importance of transferrable skills and promote STEM careers to school students
  • Increase the confidence and resilience of school students studying Physics
Student Mentors and Universities
  • Promote teaching careers to undergraduate and postgraduate university students
  • Increase confidence, develop employability skills, and provide CV experience for student mentors
Schools and Teachers
  • Increase the confidence of physics teachers in Wales, with a particular focus on non-specialist physics teachers
  • Encourage a culture change in participating schools to promote gender equality across the curriculum
  • Engage with secondary schools across Wales

The project hopes to provide informative and enriching experiences to both the students and mentors. Find out why this is important for physics in Wales by reading more about us, or have a look at what we do to achieve our aims.