It’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

To be neurodiverse is to see life differently. Where our brains simply do not act in a neurotypical way. Though it may be different, I have found it to be a wonderful addition to life, as what is life without a bit of difference?

Dyslexia is described as a “learning disorder that affects reading and language processing,” with additional difficulties in “fluency and decoding of words.” This I have found to be true where words themselves haven’t exactly been easy. However, the numbers I found to be more favourable to my outcome. Though words are the basis for communication, I could not run away from the difficulty.

And so I worked hard, and I often had to work harder than others, as most neurodiverse people do. Though with that, I found myself entering my now-chosen degree with the advantage that I do not fear hard work and am determined to reach my end goal. As well as the added benefits, I have found I see the world differently from the “normal”, which is advantageous as it allows me to be more creative and innovative simply by not fitting the constraints of the norm and finding alternatives to reach the goal.

As we go into Neurodiversity Celebration Week, I believe it’s important to acknowledge that seeing and experiencing the world differently can be empowering, and should be supported and discussed openly to create a balanced, positive environment for all!