Who am I?

Hello! I’m Yusuf. I am a first-year Physics undergraduate at Cardiff University. I have completed my first year of mentoring this year. Outside of physics, I study Japanese with the University’s Languages for All department, and I am an active member of the university’s karate team.

My Physics Journey

I have always enjoyed physics from a young age, often preferring to read books on astronomy rather than fiction. I was fascinated by objects like planets, stars, and asteroids, which seemed to hold a sense of mystery even from my childhood. In secondary school, I was fortunate to have a great physics teacher who encouraged all my wild physics questions, which only increased my enthusiasm for the subject.

However, during sixth form, physics became quite a struggle due to the teaching methods at my new school. I even considered pursuing a degree in chemistry at one point. Nonetheless, my passion for physics was reignited by a visit to Switzerland’s CERN project, where it was inspiring to see how physics is applied in research and technological advancement. After finishing my A-levels (successfully, I might add) I came to Cardiff University last September. I have been enjoying my first year of undergraduate studies, especially the lab work.

My Mentoring Experience
A spaghetti and marshmallow tower made during one of Yusuf's mentoring sessions.

Having been a mentor for only one year, I have really enjoyed the experience. Initially, I was quite nervous about the task of instilling a passion for physics, but I found the entire process of delivering sessions rewarding, with the mentees excited about attending and discussing concepts. I especially enjoyed the more hands-on aspects of the sessions, where it was more about the mentees at work than us.

Aspects of physics, whether purely theoretical or fully applied, have something to offer everyone, especially when the avenues for such applications are so wide. I’d encourage anyone to mentor and give back to the future scientific community.