Richard Feynman

“If you want to master something, teach it. The more you teach, the better you learn. Teaching is a powerful tool to learning.”

You may (or will have after reading this blog) come across Richard Feynman. He was an extraordinary physicist born in 1918 in New York. His findings included the development of quantum mechanics as well as his research in particle physics. However, we’re going to talk about his life outside his career that would influence the STEM community for years to come.

As a child, Feynman was always exposed to the world of science. His father would always teach him something new and challenge the traditional ways of thinking. Feynman also had a knack for engineering in which he mended radios as well as creating burglar alarm systems! His unconventional way of thinking echoed later into life as well where he would break down complex concepts into an accessible form where others could explain with ease. This became known as the Feynman technique. It’s become a tool that anyone can use to learn specific concepts and reteach them to others, even a little kid. It’s also known to improve efficiency in any scenario (not just academics) and hone one’s communication skills.