The Physics Mentoring Project was awarded funding from the Innovation For All fund at Cardiff University to scope out how the project can encompass support for a broader range of post-16 routes into physics.

This scoping exercise, which ran between April and August 2022, was undertaken in collaboration with Careers Wales and Wrexham Glyndwr University. Ondata Research Ltd. were commissioned to undertake research with physics teachers, current school learners and college students, and other stakeholders.

Report Results

We presented the report’s findings to stakeholders at Bridgend STEAM Academy in August 2022. The findings show that this expansion will increase the project’s relevance to the industries and services of the future. It also identified that there is a long-term skills gap in Wales, as well as a growth in physics-related jobs across a range of sectors. Based on the recommendations, the Physics Mentoring Project plans to focus on highlighting physics-related skills required by roles which do not require a degree level qualification. Additionally, the project would provide more explicit guidance and descriptions of physics-related routes. There is a clear opportunity for the project to contribute to meeting a wide range of policy aims in relation to education, employability and skills.

Next Steps

We are continuing to work with Careers Wales to broaden the perspective of students with regards to apprenticeships. In partnership with Careers Wales and a participating school, we are running a pilot event for GCSE level students in April 2023. We hope to continue working with Careers Wales and participating schools to develop these events further.

The executive summary of this scoping exercise is published here.

The Physics Mentoring Team are delighted with the report, and the opportunities and expansions for the project in future years. Physics Mentoring would like to thank Ondata Research for their comprehensive research and recommendations. We would also like to thank Careers Wales and Wrexham Glyndwr University for their contributions towards this scoping exercise, along with Bridgend STEAM Academy for hosting us for the report launch and contributing to the report. Finally, we would like to thank all the schools who took part in the research.