Since 2019, the Physics Mentoring Project has been working with schools across Wales to encourage more people to consider studying physics at A-level and beyond. In order to continue the development of the project and to gain a better understanding of its long-term impact, the project is interested in gathering information from current A-level physics students about their intentions and aspirations in relation to their studies and career. We would be very grateful if you could ask your current Physics A-level students to complete the short survey by clicking the button below:

All Physics A-level students are welcome to complete the survey, they don’t need to have been part of the mentoring project. We are interested in understanding general motivations for choosing Physics A-level amongst Welsh students.

We are keeping the survey open until the end of the summer term and will send a reminder closer to the end of the term. If you have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The findings will be summarised in a report later this year from the independent evaluators of the Physics Mentoring Project, Ondata Research.