You should have just watched the Collaboration, Teamwork and Communication video. If you have not, ask your mentor or teacher.

In the video, you heard one of our mentors speak about the many ways in which he uses Collaboration, Teamwork and Communication in his day-to-day life as a PhD student at the University of Cardiff. You were also able to see some of the areas he works in (his office and the MRI scanner room at the university) and some of the people he works with.

Now, your challenge is to use those same skills to find a series of 8 hidden passwords to work your way through our puzzle! Can you use your skills as physicists to work out the answers?

Top tip: Be sure to use all the resources you have available to you to get through the puzzle in record breaking time:

  • watch the video as many times through as you want,
  • communicate with the other members in your group,
  • use teamwork and ensure every member of your group are able to showcase their skills,
  • collaborate: Your mentor or teacher might have some extra information and resources for you that can help you asnwer some of the questions!